How to get strong nails through the winter, naturally!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Fingernails become brittle and split when they dry out, and in the dry winter air, it’s no wonder that our hands start to look like tattered claws when the flurries start flying!

The best way to keep those nails strong and healthy is to keep your skin, cuticles and nails moisturized. And like your skin, your nails are moisturized by a blend of oil and water.

Replenish moisture: Apply shea butter when your hands are wet (after washing them, or out of the shower) or a thick hand cream to lock in the moisture. Before bed time is a great time to coat those paws—so you're not leaving a trail of grease everywhere you go!

Prevent moisture loss: Wear gloves outside. It's surprisingly dry when the temperature drops. It doesn’t take long to lose moisture from your hands and fingernails when just walking to your car or scraping ice from that windshield!

Wash your hands with REAL soap!

Many inexpensive liquid soaps are detergent based, which are great at washing off dirt, but they also strip precious natural oils from your skin and nails. Great if you’re about to perform surgery, but overkill if you’re just washing your hands before enjoying lunch! Real soap is made by combining oils with lye, and has been used for centuries to keep clean while staying in harmony with your environment. By using real soap, you can wash away dirt and bacteria, and still take advantage of maintaining your natural skins natural balance.

And finally, stay hydrated—drinking water is like getting enough sleep! It helps everything in your body work better if you’re faithful about getting eight a day.

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