From Resolutions to Intentions

Updated: Jan 31

It's rapidly nearing end of day on the 31st-- the last day of January, 2022! The excitement of the new year inevitably brings about New Years Resolutions, and I'm wondering how many of those have already fallen to the way side, already coated in a light layer of proverbial dust?

Starting a business has been on my list of new year's resolutions for YEARS now, until I finally had the idea, the paperwork and the vision all lined up to file the paperwork 8 months ago. (It feels like a long time ago, but also just yesterday!) I've given endless hours of my free time thoughts and time toward this passion project. And if I had been discouraged after the first one, two, five, even ten times that this new year's resolution didn't happen in years past--I wouldn't be writing this blog post today. So my takeaway here is that, if you've already "failed" at a new year's resolution, maybe this just wasn't the right time. If it's something you want long enough, hard enough and finally are able to make a priority in your life--it will happen!

And who knows where Cargo Bike Soap will take me? How far will this adventure last? I vacillate between dreams of global soap domination, to making enough each year to afford really amazing vacations for me and my small family, to "living the dream" and be a soapmaker full time. Some days it feels daunting, other days, I'm plugging in numbers into my #ProfitFirst calculator and nodding optimistically at what it will take to make my take home pay hit a livable wage.

It's a work in progress. As is all life. And sometimes when goals seem too daunting, or inflexible, I just focus on setting an intention and let go. For instance, when I am making the largest batch of soap I've ever produced--the active lye water and oils are all prepared (the time, planning, and financial investments all loaded into those liquid filled buckets that I handle behind goggles, long sleeves and gloves) and I sense doubt and fear rising within me; I've created this intention, to help me affirm that the spirit of my work are aligned with my actions. (I've adapted this intention from a Jaina Thanks-Giving Meal Prayer, originally written by Thich Nhat Hanh.)

These Ingredients are the gift of the whole universe: the Earth, the sky, numerous living beings, and much hard, loving work.

May we soap with mindfulness and transform it so as to be worthy of its alchemy and gift of renewal and cleanliness.

May we keep our compass alive by soaping in such a way that we elevate others in our supply chain, community and planet.

We accept these oils and eventual soap that we may clean our bodies and stay healthy as a way to serve all living beings.

My advice here is that if you haven't hit your #newyearsresolution, or are feeling like a goal is daunting: It's never too late or binding to just focus on setting a good intention. Know that your heart is in the right place, and trust the universe to align your actions into manifesting your desired result.

Has the optimism of the new year run dry for you already? Or are you proud to have a full month under your belt for a new goal you've started working toward? What #intentions could you affirm that would replace hard fast goals? Please comment below!

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