Hi there!  My name is Paula Huerkamp, I'm the one-woman operation behind Cargo Bike Soap.  Here are answers to your questions on: Shipping and return policies, tips and tricks on use, company ethics and brand standards around ingredients and where to find Cargo Bike Soap in stores. 

If you still have questions, please send me an email or DM through Instagram.

Shipping & Returns


Cargo Bike Soap ships to anywhere in the U.S. via United States Postal Service.  Everything is shipped with tracking, so you can giddily anticipate the arrival of your new soaps!  International shipping options will be available after launch.

Returns & Exchanges

The goal is that you are enjoying amazing washes with every Cargo Bike Soap product.  If you are not satisfied within 30 days receipt, let me know why! We'll problem solve to determine if you need an exchange or refund.  

Tips & Tricks

How long do your bars last?

That depends how often you wash and how much soap you use each time.  Cargo Bike Soap is made without synthetic hardeners or fillers; Keep your bars dry between use to get the maximum life out of it.  A well draining soap dish, wire rack, or hanging soap bag is the best way to care for your soap to ensure maximum longevity!

How do I use a Shampoo Bar?

You can either rub the shampoo bar against your wet hair, or work up a lather in your hands to apply to your hair.  A little goes a long way!  Work the lather into your scalp and through the ends of the hair.  Rinse and follow with your favorite conditioner as desired.  

(Pssst!  I'm working on formulating a zero waste conditioner, too!  Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to find out when that rolls out.)

Do you have a facial soap?

Cargo Bike Soap's Bar Soap is formulated to be gentle enough to used from head to toe--including on your face.   Internally we think of it as the "Multi-Tool" of body soap.  Insider tip:  The lather on these soap bars is so creamy, they're great for shaving your legs!

Of course, if irritation occurs anywhere on your body, discontinue use.

Ethics & Ingredients

How are your soaps ethical?

I love soapmaking, people, animals and the Earth!  That's why Cargo Bike Soap's brand standards include:

  • Fair Trade Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter--because those in our supply chain matter and deserve to be treated fairly 

    • We proudly use Baraka​ Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter

  • Organic ingredients where possible--because one less pesticide sprayed is a win for bees, our planet, and our bodies

  • 100% Plant-based, Vegan ingredients--Cargo Bike Soap is vegan owned, too! 

  • No Palm Oil--it is often harvested at the expense of orangutan habitat, and when reliably more ethical alternatives exist, why not use those?

  • Zero Waste Packaging for our customers--because the world is choking on it already

  • Plant-based, food grade ingredients to color our soaps  (No micas or synthetic colors)

How do you fragrance your soap?

Cargo Bike Soap uses custom blends of essential oils and fragrance oils in its products. 


The fragrance oils sourced are free from known parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, mutagens, organ toxins, acute toxins, any California Prop 65 chemicals; and exceed the most stringent standards as determined by the International Fragrance Association.  

I have chosen to include the safest fragrance oils available so your soap can maintain it's great smell (without fading) to give you the greatest wash experience from the first wash to the last.

Local Retailers & Custom Orders

Where can I find Cargo Bike Soap locally?

I'm always reaching out to retailers in the Minneapolis area to carry Cargo Bike Soap!  Sign up for the newsletter so you can be the first to hear when new retailers have Cargo Bike Soap available. 


Is there a shop you think should carry Cargo Bike Soap?  Let the owners know!  If you ARE a retailer and one of your gorgeous customers has brought you to this site, please send over an email and let's get this conversation started!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes!  Please contact Cargo Bike Soap for options to create custom orders for you.  Please allow for a minimum of 8 weeks. (Did you know it takes at least 4-6 weeks for soap to cure?)  If I can't meet your request, I can likely refer you to another soapmaker who can.


Reasons to custom order:

  • You want to have those "From our shower to yours" party favors (that look so cute on social media!) for your upcoming wedding or baby shower

  • You want practical and adorable gifts for wedding guests or your wedding party

  • You host an AirBnB and you want to impress your guests with a special touch that they can't find anywhere else

  • You sell real estate and sending a customized gift box of soaps to congratulate new homeowners would show what a class act you are

  • You're interested in a run of soaps only scented with essential oils, or some other requirement

How can I get soaps with the old branding?

To place orders for product with the old branding, please see my Etsy Shop