Hi!  My name is Paula Huerkamp, and I'm the one-woman operation that is Cargo Bike Soap!  On March of 2020, when COVID appeared, I was rubbing detergent based soaps into my hands every other hour. Tired of dried skin, splitting nails and painful cuticles, I searched for alternatives and discovered real soap. The kind made generations ago and the kind many hardcore homemakers still make in their kitchens. I made a batch myself and, WOW, was I blown away! After experiencing decadently lathered showers with moisturized skin afterwards (even on my 18 month old baby) I knew I would never go back to commercial soap again.

I’ve never been a girly girl.  There were days I woke up in my sleeping bag (ending a weekend of camping) only to shower up and find myself dining out in a little black dress that same night.  I’ve commuted to work by bike to sit at my desk in business clothes. 

And, let’s be honest, my fantasy car is a cargo bike.  Cargo bikes invoke a sense of hard work and sustainability—good for the planet and for your body and mind.  Hence, Cargo Bike Soap was born: To embrace that self-reliant spirit and duality, where adventure meets city-life, through zero waste gentle soap.

Thanks for visiting the site! I invite you to shift lanes into the best body care available at home or wherever your adventures take you.

-Paula Huerkamp, Owner

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