Welcome to Cargo Bike Soap

If you’re like me, you ask a lot from your body—it carries you along hiking trails, for an after work run, and sweating on a summer bike ride. Isn’t it time you treated it to an amazing wash? Cargo Bike Soap was created so you can have (dare I even say, deserve) an indulgent bathing experience—that helps you transition from running a half marathon to attending a black tie wedding in the same afternoon. Go out and get dirty—we’ve got your back (literally!) on cleaning up afterwards.  

Cargo Bike Soap products work hard to get you clean, while also being gentle, and deliver an undeniably more enjoyable wash experience.  Everything is mindfully packaged without plastic, in recycled paper pulp clamshells that store and travel well. And because the people in our supply chain matter, only Fair-Trade Shea and cocoa butters are used—so you can keep your body (and your conscience) clean.